• Kartik Damodar has over ten years of experience in the finance industry—including, investment banking, business strategy, operational consulting, wealth management, project management, valuations of securities and derivatives. He has an MBA from the University of British Columbia, Canada in finance and accounting—he has a B Com Honors, from the University of Windsor, Canada in finance and economics. He is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor who is highly passionate about value investing.


    • Some of his career highlights include—being part of the prestigious Business Transformations team at American Express, based out of New York and Gurgaon. The role involved financial strategy and internal operational consulting—sought to put business practices in place that reduced costs and increased revenue. Prior to working at American Express, he worked at Dundee Securities, an investment bank in Toronto, Canada. He was a part of the research team, where he developed various financial models—researched companies for investment purposes. He has also advised on a portfolio of US securities for clients from 2010 onwards—the results of the portfolio over a five year period has been greater than 20% CAGR.


    • In 2015, he left American Express to start his own investment advisory firm—Guardian Capital Investment Advisors was incorporated in 2016. Starting from a team of 2, the company grew to a team of 12 within two years. He also helped create Guardian Consulting Services and Guardian Asset Management Services—Guardian Group has grown to a team of 25. In 2018, he stepped down as the CEO of Guardian Capital Investment Advisors, to head Guardian Asset Management Services – a portfolio management service.


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